The Laboratory

Located at the sixth floor of SISSA main building, the Laboratory of Neurogenomics is a stimulating environment where to carry out advanced research activities. It is provided with a substantial amount of highly specialized, state-of-the-art equipment and technical platforms for studies in genomics, cellular and molecular biology. It is organized in order to favour scientific discussion and knowledge sharing between lab members. With an area of about 85 square meters, researchers at the Laboratory of Neurogenomics can easily follow their experimental activities, having closely at disposal common facilities and services such as the P2 cell culture laboratory, the technical “kitchen”, the laser capture microdissector, the microscopy lab with confocal microscopes, the histology lab and others. Every student and post-doctoral fellow has her/his own desk with a personal computer in the office area assigned to the group. Once a week there is a general lab meeting where a lab member presents her/his data. Every week each subgroup independently meets with the PI to discuss about the project.